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Public info
The Renraku Computer Systems is the fifth largest corporation in the world. Its headquarters is in japan. Its main sectors are computer technology mainly Database and memory storage. Their presence in Seattle is moderate with an arcology in the city.

>10/12/2059 A system malfunction locks down Renraku Arcology in Seattle, activating automated defense and trapping personnel and visitors inside.

>Renraku have been looking into more aggressive matrix technology.
>They were involved in the kidnapping of a Hellcat Industries programmer.
>They may also be involved in Stealing a computer program from PyroFox Systems

What the Runners Know
The Runners have seen a Renraku systems vechicle at two drop offs
The first time after kidnapping 3LEC7R1C-SH33P (Real Name Unknown) The second time after stealing a tape from PyroFox Systems


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