PyroFox Systems

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Public info
PyroFox industries is a start up software company. After developing several defense prototypes for matrix systems they acquired a contract with the UCAS military. Current projects are classified.

>27/10/2060 PyroFox office Headquarters were raided in broad daylight today by two masked suspects. casualties included 4 Ares security personnel. The Raid took place after power was cut to the building by the suspects. security cameras were however mysteriously down during the raid. Ares has taken to personally investigating the issue and has a ¥200 reward for any information.
>04/06/2060 PyroFox industries stock rises as it as it gains a contract from the UCAS military

PyroFox were the original targets for the kidnapping of the programmer from Hellcat Industries as the building they used to own is know used by HellCat Industries.
PyroFox were developing a system for UCAS involving something to do with cybernetics.

What the Runners know
PyroFox were developing a program named TriGen. The runners stole this and handed it over to a Mr Johnson presumably working for the Renraku Corporation.

PyroFox Systems

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