Ares Macrotechnology

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Public Info
Ares own several shipping and freight companies in the Seattle Area, It is also a major supplier of firearms and has sub-contracts with Federated Boeing. The companies Headquarters is in Seattle and is boasted to be state-of-the-art.
Their Knight Errant Security Services branch provides security for many business and corporate installations.

>19/11/2060 Ares have put a hold on their investigation into PyroFox Systems for unknown reasons.
>27/10/2060 PyroFox office Headquarters were raided in broad daylight today by two masked suspects. casualties included 4 Ares security personnel .Ares has taken to personally investigating the issue and has a ¥200 reward for any information.
>20/10/2060 Ares failed to stop the Lead programmer (3LEC7R1C-SH33P) at Hellcat Industries being kidnapped on transit to a press conference.

The recent death of Charlie Shepard (Deceased) has sparked an investigation by Ares.
Heads of Ares and Cross Applied Technologies are enemies and will do anything to screw the other over.

What the Runners know
They have a contact at Ares: Brice
They Killed inadvertently: Charlie Shepard (Deceased)
The Runners have been hired to track down Android for Ares

Ares Macrotechnology

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