Welcome to the Matrix Address of Shadow-run: TriGen.DAT

Seattle in 2060, Most of the predictions of late 80’s cyberpunk dystopia have come true. Robotic limbs and floating neon signs are common place. Drug dealers peddle computer chips that interface directly with the brain, Executives hire chromed up goons to further their own corporate interests, However this is not the only change taking place, magic has also returned and people have mutated into Orcs, Trolls, Elves and even Dwarves. Companies pursue new products centered around this new force and bend it to their own wills. Hiring people with special skill sets to go on illegal and dangerous mission to increase their own profit margins this is your Job you are a Runner.

Here you can find information or back story about the world of shadow-run specifically our campaign setting. I will update this after most games and may be useful to keep open during games to look details up.

Shadowrun: TriGen.DAT

Shadowrun trigen dat