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Public info
Inteli-Build are one of the largest construction companies in Seattle. They also rent out many of their building to smaller start up companies and own entire city blocks of offices, Mainly their work is corporate based.

>27/10/2060 Power was cut to one of Inteli-Builds rental properties and the offices of PyroFox Systems were raided. an employee of Inteli-Build was found at the scene tied up and gagged with no recollection of the incident.

Some people theories it was the Inteli-Build mechanic who did the raid and tied himself up to get away with it.

What the Runners know
They have two contacts at Inteli-build: Jess Satyr who can get the floorplans of building that Inteli-Build owns and Jeff “The Shark” Roberts who is the chap mentioned on the news report.


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