Shadowrun: TriGen.DAT

The Cassette Job
The Loud and The Stealth

Team 1Theoll, The Face, The Tech-Wiz
The Runners met up with Daniel O’Malley and were tasked with stealing a matrix program from Hellcat Industries , After some Recon they found that Ares Macrotechnology were the people responsible for security at Hell Cat and decided to interrogate a Contact they have at Ares.
The Face was first to approach the Ares contact (Charlie) but was thrown off by him proclaiming that there was “No Charlie” other members of the team how ever took a less tactful approach. After the Tech-Wiz tackled Charlies wife to the floor and Theoll exploded charlies knee caps they were given the route that the Cassette was taking.
Then the team decided to acquire some Knight Errand security uniforms, This lead to a shoot out with two security officers who are now both deceased. From this the team gained Road spikes which they could lay out on the road to stop vehicles.
Then the heist occurred, Theoll followed the security escorts from the Hellcat building to the ambush point when the spikes popped the tires Theoll turned down a side street in order to attack from a diffrent side. At which time The Face and The Tech-Wiz helped the security team with their tire.
Theoll came around the corner firing both weapons from his motorcycle, Managing to heavily injure some off the Guard he unfortunately came off of his bike, At which time The Face and The Tech-wiz attempted to kill the remaining security, after being hit once The Face Bolted leaving The Tech-Wiz struggling with his shotgun after several failed attempts he managed to fire his shotgun hitting one Ares officer. By this time Theoll had manged to elimnate the rest of the security forces and the two made their getaway after taking the tape and it creator 3LEC7R1C-SH33P Who seemed to be a small child.
Back at O’Malleys the team discovered the tape was ruined and that they would have to give over the boy, Meeting Mr Johnson at the Seattle space needle they handed over the boy and recieved their payment as the cars were leaving the faced noticed they were driving Renraku registered SUV’s.
Afterward they read in the news that Charlie had died from his injuries and his wife has gone missing.

Team 2Fox and Kane
O’Malley wanted his next team to mop up the mess made by the first. It turns out PyroFox Systems was the intended target not Hellcat Industries and the team would have to do a daring raid on the Pyrofox building. After meeting with an Ares Contact (Brice) and paying him off the team discovered both the levels of security and the location of the Cassette, They were called by O’Malley with the contact information of Jess Satyr a buildings manger from Inteli-Build the company who owned the building Pyro-Fox was based out off. Not only did she give them the schmatics of the building but also put the Runners into contact with Jeff “The Shark” a repair man who could get them into the building,
After sneaking past Ares guard they entered the empty office underneath PyroFox’s and prepared their daring raid, after cutting the power and ascending the fire escape Fox and Kane stealthy entered the Offices. After a brief shoot-out that left fox bloodied they had the run of the offices. forcing a PyroFox employee to open the vault the rest of the security force was only alerted when the Cassette was taken from a pedestal. narrowly escaping in a maintenance Van the two escaped. handing over the tape to Mr Johnson in a car park Fox noted it had Renraku plates.
Unfortunately Ares is pissed and is asking for any information about the culprits of the heist even offering a reward.


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