Risen Phoenix

Crime Fighter,Wacko in a costume,


Male. Height 6"3, muscular. black goatee, brown eyes, dark skin.As the Risen Phoenix he wears black body armour with golden highlights and a large golden triangle from his chest to his shoulders, He also wears an ill fitting black mask with golden patches around the eyes underneath this is a black balaclava. He also has a utility belt on him.


Race: Human
Affiliation: K/A
Occupation: Crazy Person (Crime fighter)

Risen Pheonix is a self styled superhero based in the Seattle area. Phoenix obviously took inspiration for his persona from the urban legends of Pheonix Jones, Years ago Jones was thought to have been Seattle’s defense from the gang leaders and drug pushers of Seattle until he mysterious disappeared. The Risen Pheonix seems to be doing the exact same job patrolling the city looking for gangers to beat up. He recently started making waves among some of the bigger fish in the Seattle crime rings, They are non to happy.
Apart from the fact his foes are often found with electrocution burns, little is known about his methods. Although all of the people who have come across him are still alive afterward… well breathing.

Risen Phoenix

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