Daniel O'Malley

A Fixer for the Runners. O'Malley owns a Rundown Pub in the ruff part of town.


Height 4"10. Red Beard but bald. Fat but with muscular arms. usually wearing a a stained sleeveless shirt, track suit bottoms trainers and a green bowler hat. Speaks in a ruff Irish accent punctuated with swears and sarcasm.


Race: Dwarf
Affiliation: K/A
Occupation: Landlord, Fixer

O’Malley may not be from the nice part of town or be the best fixer or the best barkeep or… Wait, What is he good for? O’Malley is the best you can do on your small reputation he does the job and the Job in question is getting you Jobs. He’s known to be cranky but loyal and has never given up a client or Runner and did a 2 year stretch for that reputation. He takes his cut directly from the Mr Johnson in question and never screws you on the pay, O’Malley’s reliable. You could do better or a lot worse but for now hes all you got.

Daniel O'Malley

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